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What You May Not Know about Zero Radius Kitchen Sinks

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When you want to upgrade your kitchen décor, it may seem difficult to find something that you have not seen before. Investing in a décor feature that no one else is a highlight of upgrading your décor, but finding it is easier said than done. That is, of course, unless you have already considered zero radius kitchen sinks. Here are several points about these trendy sinks that you may not already know.

What Does Zero Radius Mean?

The term “zero radius” makes the sink sound futuristic and trendy, but it is just a term that defines its shape. For instance, most kitchen sinks are circular and rounded. Even the ones that are somewhat circular at least have rounded edges. A zero-radius sink, on the other hand, is completely rectangular with straight edges and 90-degree corners. The “radius” reference makes it clear that this type of sink is not circular at all.

A Professional Appearance for a Home Sink

One of the most popular features of the zero-radius sink is its stylish appearance. Without any rounded edges, it looks like a professional sink you usually find in upscale restaurants. For consumers that have already upgraded their kitchen appliances and décor to a professional setting, this type of sink will fit right at home. Even if you are not necessarily going for a professional look, a zero-radius sink will still enhance the appeal and organizational layout of your kitchen counter.

Zero Radius vs Standard Sinks

There are several differences between standard and zero radius kitchen sinks when it comes to their overall use and practicality as well. For instance, you never need to worry about stacked dishes tipping over inside of a rectangular sink without any curves. Cutting boards and other food prep tools can sit on the edge without budging which can prove to be a huge help for this stage of your cooking experience. It is true that the 90-degree corners are little more difficult to clean than rounded edges, but the other lasting benefits make that slight drawback seem relatively minimal.

A Worthwhile Adjustment

Adjusting to a zero-radius sink in your kitchen may take some time, especially since you are more than likely used to rounded edges. However, it is somewhat of an acquired taste like most things that are unique and extraordinary. Introducing this type of sink into your kitchen décor may fit beautifully like a missing puzzle piece - taking your overall home décor to new heights. Reach out to Kitchen Zip at 704-527-2626 to find out more about these sinks and explore options that will work well for your kitchen.