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Neat and Tidy : Holiday Kitchen Effiency Tips

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Here at Kitchen Zip, our passion is providing our customers with top-notch kitchen sinks, faucets, and accessories at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on providing the finest in kitchen sink and faucet designs, with styles to fit even the most refined of tastes. We understand that the holidays can be an incredibly busy time in the kitchen, so in this blog, we’ve put together some helpful tips to help make holiday cooking run more efficiently. For all your kitchen sink and faucet needs, shop Kitchen Zip. Buy now to receive free shipping on your order!

Clean Your Kitchen

Wait, what? You heard us right. Surely, the end of the year is arguably the busiest time of the year for cooking, and your kitchen will see a considerable increase in use during these last two months, but the first thing that you want to do is clean your kitchen. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen, but more importantly, think about how much action your kitchen is going to see. Then couple that on top of an unclean kitchen. When everything is said and done (or cooked and eaten), your kitchen will certainly need a fair share of TLC by the new year. Your best bet is to prepare your kitchen for this and clean it well. Get your oven looking good inside and out, clean your stove tops and ranges, and get those sinks looking nice and bright. By doing this, when the time comes to recover from the holidays, your kitchen won’t need nearly as much elbow grease to get it back to its sparkling shine. Plus, with all the cooking you’ll be doing, you’ll likely not have the energy to do so. Do yourself a favor and your future self will be thanking you later.

Organize Your Space

In addition to cleaning your space, making sure that your space is organized is also incredibly important. In cooking for a larger amount of people than you’re usually used to, times in the kitchen can sometimes get stressful. One of the best ways to combat this is to make sure that your kitchen is organized and everything is where it should be. One of the most stressful things when cooking is looking for something that you know for a fact that you have, only to find that it isn’t where it should be. Make sure all your spices, cookware, and other necessities are where they need to be, so when the time comes to cook, you’re ready to go with no delays or added stress. Much like cleaning your kitchen beforehand, you will be very thankful that you did this.

Have Guests Bring A Dish

Chances are, if you’re having guests over for the holidays, you’ll already have a lot of things to cook. One of the best ways to offset this is to ask a few of your guests to bring something, so as to make the list of items that need to be cooked shrink considerably. You can handle the main courses and more involved dishes, but your guests can certainly bring things like appetizers, desserts, and sides to help out their generous host. With the simplicity of putting something in the oven or plugging in a crockpot, you’ll be just minutes away from having yet another fantastic dish to serve to your guests. It’s quick and easy and lets you focus on the other things you have prepared.

Plan Ahead

Unless you absolutely need to, try to avoid shopping on the day of your meals. Given, while some things need to be bought the day of, a lot of things can be purchased in advance. There are times when we underestimate the portions of what is needed, and in that case shopping on the day of is unavoidable, but the more prepared you are for the holidays in advance, the better you will feel overall. In addition to the food you will be cooking, also preparing the necessary tools, appliances, and cookware needed will save you an incredible amount of time. A good meal doesn’t happen in a matter of minutes, and when it comes to cooking a great meal, you’ll need a good amount of time to make sure that everything is exactly to your liking. Cleaning all cookware in advance, making sure all appliances function as they should, and making sure that your guest dishes are sparkling clean will save you a considerable amount of time so you can focus on the major task at hand, providing your guests with a fantastic and delicious meal.

Have a Helper or Two

While there is certainly such a thing as having too many cooks in the kitchen, having to perform all the tasks on your own is the other extreme. Be it your son or daughter, family member or spouse, have someone that will be in the kitchen with you to help you in preparing the meals. Many dishes require multi-tasking at times, and having another pair of eyes and hands in the kitchen can prove to be incredibly helpful when preparing a large meal. Depending on your level of trust and control, you may even give them more simple dishes to prepare under your minimal supervision. Having a helper to do something as simple as check on something that’s baking, help with mixing or prep work, or simply bring you ingredients as you need them will be a massive help to you as you prepare your holiday meals.

Clean As You Cook

This is a very helpful tip that many people have a tendency to forget. Sometimes there are brief windows of downtime as we wait for items to bake, set or season, and in these moments, while it may be more appealing to relax with a glass of wine or five, we can use these moments to do some simple cleaning. Rinsing bowls, cookware, and utensils that will be later put into the dishwasher, putting away items that are no longer in use, or throwing away packaging and other refuse will all help at the end of the night. By the time your guests leave, you’ll look at your kitchen and be relieved to know that there’s little else to do besides taking out the trash and running the dishwasher.

Don’t Forget to Enjoy Yourself

You’re cooking for your guests for a reason, and they’ve been invited into your home for a reason— these are people who are important to you and your family. While being the cook certainly comes with its fair share of responsibilities, once dinner is served, don’t forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor and the people who mean so much to you. The holidays are about taking time to enjoy the company and share a meal with those who you love; don’t forget to stop and appreciate all that you have.

There you go, just a few helpful tips to help you make holiday cooking better and more efficient. If you’re like us, then your Kitchen is as important to you as the home that it belongs to. At Kitchen Zip, we are committed to providing our customers with kitchen sinks, faucets, and other accessories. We offer the best in kitchen sink and faucet designs, from classic to modern and everything in between. Shop today and receive free shipping on your order, only at Kitchen Zip!