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LOTTARE 800116 Pull Down Spray Kitchen Faucet Review!

Posted by - Michael Fied on

Today's faucets do more than just supervise the flow of cold and hot water into your sink. In the kitchen there are many available distinctive attributes, such as pull-out or pull-down sprays, water filtering systems and a variety of designer styles, finishes and features. Look for the latest modern conveniences that will make your life easier. Today we are going to dive into the Lottare800116 Kitchen Faucet.

Classic detail melds with modernity in a showcase piece designed to stand out. Crafted from solid brass, the LOTTARE 800116 B&B Series Pull-out/Pull-down Spray Kitchen Faucet boasts a brushed nickel finish and 360-degree swivel spout that makes even the most tedious chores effortless. This 100 percent recyclable faucet measures 12" high with a spout reach of 8". Designed with a connection size of 3/8" and a CUPC certification, the water usage on this particular model is 1.5gpm (5.7L/min) Max. Homeowners will appreciate the combination of traditional and contemporary design elements, presented in a convenient construction that doubles as a kitchen necessity and architectural attraction. Here is a breakdown of this faucets features.

Style: Single Handle,Pull-Out

Material: Solid Brass

Swivel Spout:360 degree

Finish: Brush Nickel

Faucet Hight:12"

Spout Reach:8"

Connection Size:⅜"

Water Usage: 1.5gpm (5.7L/min) Max


Weight:5 lbs


A decent faucet, the Lottare 800116 Kitchen Faucet  is more of a permanent fixture to have around. This faucet will impress most and it will definitely be functional and fortuitous in the long run. I find this to be the best Lottare faucet although there are better finishes and functional faucets than this in the market simply because of the price tag. At this price, you won’t get another faucet that maintains its looks for years and stays fully functional too.