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Lottare 800103 BB Series Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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If you are looking for the best brand that can provide quality kitchen sinks and faucets, Lottare is the name you can trust. The company specializes in state of the art kitchen and bathroom products for many years. Their team of designers focuses on the product’s durability, design and quality. The Lottare’s products are attractive enough to be the center of attention of the kitchen. The company has been investing a lot in creating the best  stainless steel sinks and kitchen faucets. If you are in need of a single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink,  Lottare 800103 BB series is a good choice.

An important benefit of choosing Lottare is their innovative, smart designs, earth friendly and new products. Most of their sinks are manufactured using natural stones. This is an important factor for many consumers, particularly those who are focused on making their homes as green as possible. The company’s stainless steel sinks always stand out during a kitchen expo. Lottare offers upscale luxury and quality products that meets and surpasses their competitors.

Lottare 800103 BB Series Single Bowl Sink Product Description

The kitchen is one of the most essential areas in your home, so style and functionality are important. Achieve both essential aspects with the addition of the  Lottare 800103 BB Series Stainless Steel Single Bowl Sink. This sink with stainless steel design is very durable and a great money-saving investment through years of wear and tear. It includes a warranty option, so in times of extreme distress, you can depend on it being fixed free of charge. It weighs 22 lbs with 18g thickness, having a brushed nickel finish that provides a sense of style, which makes your kitchen a dynamic place to clean your dishes and cook.

Lottare 800103 Product Specifications



Exterior dimension:31-½"x18-½"x9"

Finish: Brush nickel

Interior dimension:29-½"x16-½"

Material: Stainless Steel


Style: Undermount


Weight:22 lbs

The Advantages of Using  Lottare 800103 BB Series Single Bowl Sink

  • The Lottare single bowl stainless steel sinks have a scratch resistant finish.
  • It features full spray insulated coat underneath the sink and sound reducing padding to minimize the noise it produces when washing.
  • For easy cleaning, it has smooth curved corners.
  • Provide a stylish touch to your kitchen with versatile and unique undermount sink
  • Lottare single bowl stainless steel sink is an amazing attraction for any kitchen redesigning plan
  • It boasts 18 G high grade stainless steel construction
  • Commercial grade premium satin finish, which makes it scratch resistant
  • Produces less noise because it has stone guard and padded undercoat insulation over a rubber pad.
  • Because it has curved corners, cleaning is easy.
  • The rear sets 3.5 drain opening provides more storage space
  • It can fit 33” sink base
  • Mounting and installation cutout templates and brackets are included

Important Facts About Lottare 800104 BB Series

Extra thick. This single stainless steel sink has 18g thickness. It is durable enough that will last for many years. Having a thicker kitchen sink is a good investment since it will save you from the distress of having it repaired often. It also provides a richer and more durable appearance, than those with cheap, white washed finish of thinner sinks.

High grade stainless steel. Kitchen sinks these days are either made of T-409 stainless steel or the higher quality T-304. The only difference between the two types of stainless steel lies in the chromium and nickel contents. These two components if combined to steel can prevent the formation of rust and prevent oxidation by neutralizing sodium chloride – a substance hat is commonly used in the kitchen.

The Lottare makes sure that they provide the latest trend in kitchen sinks and faucets. If you are planning to change your current sink, consider Lottare single bowl  stainless steel sinks. It will surely surpass your expectations.

Recommendations and Suggestions

Before making a purchase, it is recommended that you list down the features and design that you want for your kitchen sink. If you need a quality with attractive design, Lottare single stainless steel sink is a perfect choice. This type of sink won’t chip or dent because it is made of high grade stainless steel. Also, because it has high content of chromium and nickel it won’t rust and oxidation is prevented, thus it will last for many years.